5 Benefits of Becoming a Flight Instructor

You can’t learn to fly without the help of an expert to guide you. But, have you ever thought about becoming that expert?

Most pilots with aspirations of making a career out of flying have their sights set on working for an airline, but that’s not the only career option available. Many professional pilot pathways, including Sterling’s, include training to become a certified flight instructor. So, what are some of the benefits of choosing to become a flight instructor?

  1. Build Flight Hours
    If working for an airline is your ultimate goal, you’ll need to reach the 1500 flight hour benchmark (1000 for R-ATP). Becoming a flight instructor is one of the quickest ways to meet this milestone as all your instruction hours with students count toward your flight hours as well.
  2. Get Paid to Fly
    By becoming a flight instructor not only do you get to spend every day doing what you love, but you get paid for it. The national average for flight instructors is $35 per hour and many companies offer employee discounts.
  3. Share Your Passion for Flying
    Helping shape the next generation of pilots can be a rewarding experience. As a flight instructor you instill your knowledge on others, help them understand and master concepts in aviation and take pride in seeing them pass that final checkride.
  4. Become a better pilot
    When you train students, you are simultaneously building upon and improving your own pilot skills as well. To be an effective instructor you will need to stay sharp on your knowledge and be able to break down concepts to teach them to the student. This deep dive gives you a better understanding of aviation and what it takes to be a successful pilot.
  5. Flight Instructors are In-Demand
    As the pilot shortage grows, so does the need for flight instructors to train the students that will fill those roles. As an alternative to flying for an airline, being an instructor offers you a consistent, steady schedule with good work/life balance.

If this list excites you, we can help you become a flight instructor through Sterling! Our professional pilot training program offers graduates a guaranteed CFI interview. If you want to take your training even further, we also offer certified flight instructor instrument and multi-engine instructor programs. Contact us today to enroll!

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