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Discovery Flight

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Your Introduction to Life in the Skies

Sterling Flight Training empowers aspiring and continuing pilots to pursue and attain their goals. We initiate that process with the Sterling Discovery Flight, allowing aspiring pilots to experience the hands-on excitement of a career in aviation for the first time.

The Sterling Discovery Flight is the best way to become acquainted with life in the skies as a pilot. Sterling Flight Training offers its signature Sterling Discovery Flight for only $119. These flights are 45 minutes long and are highly recommended for anyone interested in aviation.

During the Sterling Discovery Flight, future pilots fly in the pilot’s seat with an FAA-Certified Flight Instructor. The flight instructor will demonstrate fundamental flight maneuvers and procedures pilots use on a daily basis. Participants will also witness stunning views of North Florida.

The goal of every Sterling Discovery Flight is to help aspiring pilots solidify their interest and comfort level in pursuing a career in aviation. We are confident it will be an unforgettable experience for all participants. Sign up below!

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