Protecting Your Aircraft in a Hurricane

When living or flying in an area that can have severe weather, ideally you will want to have a plan in place for your aircraft...
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Do You Have a Pilot Personality?

Are there certain traits that are common among pilots? According to a 2004 report from NASA’s Langley Research Center, there are five main personality traits:...
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7 FAA Ratings & Certifications on Your Path to Professional Pilot

Sterling Flight Training gives you 7 FAA Ratings and Certifications to become a professional pilot. Each program is designed specifically to give you an advantage...
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5 Benefits of Becoming a Flight Instructor

You can’t learn to fly without the help of an expert to guide you. But, have you ever thought about becoming that expert?
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SFT Quick List: 10 Professional Aviation Organizations to Join

Joining a professional association has many benefits to pilots, aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Whether you are just starting on your journey or a seasoned...
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What is the 1500 Flight Hour Rule?

There is a common misconception by students looking into flight training that once you become a commercial pilot you are cleared to fly for an...
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What are the New Part 107 and Remote ID Drone Rules?

It’s been a week since the FAA’s new drone rules took effect. More than 203,000 remote pilots (and growing) registered with the FAA will need...
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Five Ways to Save While Learning to Fly

Learning to fly is an investment of both your time and money; one that has a high return if you plan to fly professionally or...
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Why Taking a Discovery Flight is an Important First Step for Flight Training

A Discovery Flight, sometimes called an introductory flight, is a short flight alongside a certified flight instructor that gives you a chance to experience what...
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7 Famous Female Aviators (Besides Amelia Earhart)

Even if you are not that familiar with aviation, the name Amelia Earhart has become almost a household name. While her accomplishments are to be...
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