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CFI Close-Ups: Flight Instructor Q&A with Aleksandr Prodan

We asked our flight instructor Aleksandr Prodan, CFI, CFII, MEI about his experience and why he loves flying. Read more below!

Q: How did you get into flying?
A: As I remember, I always wanted to fly. I was reading books about pilots, looking at the sky whenever I saw an airplane there. Aviation has always attracted my attention.

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a pilot?
A: I always knew that’s what I wanted to be. It took time, but I got here.

Q: What do you think is important when choosing a flight school?
A: I got my license at Sterling. First, when I came to the school, I was impressed with the great facilities and fleet of airplanes that the school owned. It told me they were successful and attracting students. But most importantly, I met great people who provided me with all the important information about training and the path I needed to take to reach my goals. After two years, I began working as a flight instructor here.

Q: What do you like most about being an instructor?
A: I love to teach people about flying airplanes, it’s fun. Like all instructors, the most fun is to send a student for their first solo. When they come back, you can see on their face how happy they are. I remember my first solo, and I know exactly what they are feeling right then.

Q: What is your most memorable flying experience?
A: I bet every pilot has the same answer for that question – first solo! You never forget the experience.

Q: What advice would you give students?
A: Never give up. Work hard and you will get there!

Q: What advice would you give individuals interested in instructing?
A: This is a hard job, but big fun too! You will feel satisfaction when your student passes the checkride and get’s his license. And remember – one day that guy will be an airline pilot, flying 777, and you are the guy that taught him to fly!

Q: What’s next for you?
A: My next goal is to become an airline or charter pilot. That’s where all pilots want to be.

Q: If you could fly anywhere, where would it be?
A: I would like to fly as a bush pilot in Indonesia, delivering cargo and passengers to small mountain villages. That is a really challenging job, but very exciting!

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