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6 Reasons to do Flight Training in Jacksonville, Florida

If you’re wanting to become a pilot, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a flight school. Location is one of the more important items on that list. People from around the country and even the world, flock to Florida to learn to fly. The state has really become one of the go-to places for flight training and here are just a few reasons why.

  1. Weather
    Florida is called the Sunshine State for a reason. Sure, there are hundreds of flight schools across the nation you could learn to fly at, but with more than 235+ sunny days on average per year, we have the ideal flying conditions year-round. Not to say Florida doesn’t have it’s bad weather days, but you won’t lose days or weeks at a time due to the conditions.
  2. Accomplish Your Goals Faster
    With being able to fly year-round due to weather, naturally that means you are also able to finish your flight training goals faster. Losing out on flight time can be costly, especially if you are relocating temporarily for training. By learning to fly in Florida, you can expect to move through your training more quickly and efficiently, with less interruptions.
  3. Lots of Airports
    Aviation is a big focus in Florida so there are lots of airports, which can make students feel more at ease when flying around the state. Another advantage is how diverse these airports are in terms of size, airspace regulations, traffic control, instrumentation requirements, etc.; giving you an additional layer of experience.  
  4. We Have a Spaceport
    It’s not that far of a leap from flying around the skies to flying in space, and many aviators have gone on to pilot space missions or hold a fascination with the stars. The spaceport at Cecil Airport in Jacksonville is one of the newest, of only 15 spaceports nation-wide. Aevum Inc., an aerospace contractor, began their work on space vehicle development and unveiled the world’s largest unmanned aircraft system (with a wingspan of 60 ft) to launch later this year from the Cecil Spaceport. It’s obvious exciting aviation developments are happening so for students who want to be close to the action, Jacksonville is the place to be.
  5. Topography
    For the most part Florida has relatively flat terrain with minimal obstacles, such as mountains or hills. Those wide-open spaces make learning to fly easier and offer plenty of space if an emergency landing is ever needed.  Add in the elaborate waterways, beaches and attractions, and you get a beautiful backdrop for your aviation journey.
  6. Cost of Flight Training
    Generally speaking, most flight schools in Florida cost less when comparing to other programs around the nation. However, the cost of getting your pilot licenses can be impacted by more than just the cost of flying. You must also consider the cost of living, especially if you are relocating. In some Florida cities housing can cost 26% less, utilities can cost 14% less and groceries 4% less, than the national average. Plus, there is no state income tax in Florida. Flight training in Florida can be one of your most cost-effective options.

With these reasons and more, Florida is one of the top places to learn to fly. Ready to pack your bags and enroll with us here in Jacksonville? Sterling Flight Training is waiting to help you achieve your flight training goals, whether that be as a career pilot or flying for fun.  

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