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U.S. Immigration SEVP I-20

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U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, Form I-20

Anyone preparing to enter the United States must present a Form I-20M-N/I-20ID form. It will be returned to you endorsed with admission number. You must have your Form I-20-ID Copy (pages 3 and 4 of Form I-20M-N) with you at all times. You must not surrender it when you leave the United States. Failure to have it with you when you apply to reenter the United States will delay your entry into the United States. If you lose your Form I-20ID Copy, you must request a new one, on Form I-102, from the Immigration and Naturalization Service office having jurisdiction over the school you were last authorized to attend.


You must give Form (I-20 M-N) to the American Consular Officer at the time you apply for a visa (unless you are exempt from visa requirements), and to the immigration officer with evidence of ability to support yourself while pursuing a full course of study when you arrive in the United States. If you are exempt from visa requirements, and you are applying for admission to the United States as an M-1 student, you must give the immigration officer this form and evidence of your ability to support yourself while pursuing a full course of study.


If you are applying for entry to the United States for the first time after being issued an M-1 visa, you will not be admitted unless you plan to attend the school specified in that visa. If, before you enter the United States, you decide to attend another school, you will present an I-20M-N from the new school to an American Consular Officer to have that school specified in your visa.

Once you have chosen Sterling Flight Training as your flight school of study, we can provide the I-20 form to you. Please complete the Flight School Application provided on this link in order for us to begin the process necessary to issue the I-20 form. You may E-mail the completed form and two scanned attachments to us at info@sterlingflight.com or you may fax them to us at 1-904-642-0994. A onetime fee of USD 149.00 is required prior to the issuance of the I-20 form to cover administrative costs of the I-20 and TSA/SEVIS processing.

Also visit the US Customs and Immigration Enforcement website to determine if you will need the I-901 form. Instructions are given on this website.

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