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5 Benefits of Flight Training in a Simulator

Technology advances everyday and one of the areas that is rapidly improving is flight simulation. Nothing can take the place of flying in an actual plane but flying in a simulator is the closest you can come to the real thing.

At Sterling we utilize a Redbird FMX simulator and a Frasca RTD to aid student training. Here are just some of the benefits this technology provides.

  1. Cost Management
    Depending on the aircraft you are flying, dual versus solo instruction, wet versus dry rates, the cost of flight training can add up. By utilizing a flight simulator for some of your training, you can keep costs down. In fact, our Instrument Rating, Multi-engine Rating and Commercial Pilot License has simulator hours built into the curriculum to make flight training more affordable for everyone.
  2. Emergency Preparedness
    While we hope no one encounters an in-air emergency, unfortunately they are a risk that all students must be prepared for. But how do you prepare for something like that? The easiest way is to use a simulator. Most simulators can construct aircraft failures such as engine problems, landing gear, ice build-up, etc. that give the student first-hand experience on how to respond in an emergency.
  3. Safety
    We put safety before anything else at Sterling and while in the air with one of our CFIs, you will be as safe as possible. Still, simulators provide an added layer of comfort when wanting to learn and experiment with controls, flight methods and conditions you may be unfamiliar with.
  4. Proficiency
    Once you obtain your pilot license, your training doesn’t stop there. To stay proficient and build the muscle memory and knowledge necessary for safe flight, you must continue to practice. Flight simulators provide a convenient and affordable way to continue honing your skills.
  5. Weather Cancellations
    If you live in a state with changing seasons, simulator training allows you to continue flying when conditions are unfavorable. Thunderstorms outside? No problem. With a simulator you can program the weather conditions you want to fly in, meaning you can continue your training that day regardless of weather. This allows you finish faster.

If you are looking for a simulator in the Jacksonville area, we encourage you to give us a call or stop by to explore our training environment.

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