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Living in the Jacksonville Area

Jacksonville has several apartment complexes, motels, hotels and rental houses conveniently located adjacent to Craig airport. There is no need to stay more than one or two miles from the flight school facility unless that is your choice. We recommend that you obtain some form of transportation because the Jacksonville area is spread out through the county. Our beaches are very pleasant with multiple places to stay, however, the beaches are located approximately 10 miles east (15 minute drive) from the flight school. Below are several web links that you can explore in your search for housing.

We highly recommend Candlewood Suites. Please go to www.candlewoodjax.com for more information and also www.candlewoodsuites.com/welcome for a preview of the hotel amenities.

The closest and most convenient location is the InTown Suites at 210 St. Johns Bluff Road, phone #904-928-9200: www.intownsuites.com

Other convenient locations include sites on Atlantic Boulevard, St. Johns Bluff Road, Beach Boulevard, or Merrill Road. If you speak with a Jacksonville realtor be sure you state that you need a rental close to Craig Airport in the Arlington area and if you do or do not have transportation. Be careful, more than one student has booked a hotel more than five miles from the flight school without having transportation.

We strongly recommend that you come by the flight school before you make a lodging commitment so we can show you the local area and local realtors. We have free local phone service for your use.


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