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Is a Career as a Pilot for You?

One of our missions at Sterling Flight Training is to help more people understand that becoming a commercial airline pilot is more attainable than they might think. Here are some key considerations as you make the choice whether a career as a pilot is right for you:

  1. You don’t have to have natural 20/20 vision to be a pilot
  2. You can qualify for flight school with a high school diploma
  3. It’s a high-demand career field
  4. Pilots are people of all genders, ages and races

Sterling is looking for the next generation of aviation leaders from every life stage and around the globe: high school and college grads, former military veterans, career changers, men and women.

There is a Major – and Growing – Demand for Pilots

Major forecasts recently released suggest the shortage has only just begun. Boeing’s 2018 Pilot & Technician Outlook says aviation is looking at an “unprecedented” demand for 790,000 pilots over the next two decades and 754,000 new maintenance technicians. It also forecast a combined demand in the business aviation and helicopter sectors alone for 155,000 pilots and 132,000 maintenance technicians over the next 20 years.

Research firm Cowen & Company estimates that “more than 42% of active U.S. airline pilots at the biggest carriers will retire over the next 10 years, roughly 22,000 of them.”

Land Your Dream Job

Whether you are a career changer, high school student, or anything in between, Sterling Flight Training has the right career runway for you. Our programs can take you from zero past experience to your first piloting job in as little as 9 months – perfect for career changers and college graduates.

Ready to Soar?

Ready to be a Professional Pilot? Want to experience our Redbird FMX Simulator, or join our ranks via your university’s aviation program? Let’s get you in the air.