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At Sterling Flight Training, we know our students are seeking superior instruction and preparation to be able to attain highly successful careers as pilots. With more than 100 years of commercial aviation experience, the Sterling leadership team has trained thousands of pilots that are working with some of the world’s greatest airlines. 

Leveraging our airline industry experience, not only will our Sterling aviators receive best-in-class flight training preparation, but also immediate connections to airline opportunities around the globe upon completion of training – and a lifelong network of mentors, colleagues, and close friends.

Wayne C. Heller

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Malone

Chief Instructor

Caitlin Truckenbrod

Admissions Specialist

Alex Osleger

General Manager
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Did you know the airline industry is facing a significant pilot shortage, with reports indicating that 637,000 new commercial airline pilots will be needed worldwide by 2036?

At Sterling Flight Training, we have been addressing this growing shortage with the equipment, aircraft, and technology required to provide a superior flight training experience. It is our leadership and staff members, especially, that hold the unique power of Sterling as they represent many decades of industry experience and executive leadership.

Why do they choose Sterling? Our leaders and instructors are here because there is nothing more rewarding than connecting a newly licensed graduate from Sterling with his or her first job as a pilot.

At Sterling, we leverage our industry expertise, aircraft, technology, and student culture to create an unforgettable experience for future aviators. The result? Successful pilots who are experiencing the same upward altitude in their careers as in their daily ascent during flight.

Wayne C. HellerChief Executive Officer

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